Cooking Tips in Outdoor Camping Trips

I love good food, and I love to cook even on camping trips. So, I’ve collected my top tips about outdoor cooking that work great for me and make my trip even more enjoyable. Hope it will be useful for you too. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to make your camping kitchen a pleasant experience.

Be sure to plan your meals before camping and measure food ingredients for each meal before going to camp. That was something that was critical to us on our last camping trip to Utah for a Springdale Utah jeep tours, we realized we had everything but the right ingredients.

Camp Kitchen

Before time, prepare meals like soups and stews, keep it in a good refrigerator. Try ordering different food ingredients in different food storage boxes or bags with different colors, to make it easy to find and order the cooking. Pick kitchen equipment that is a sleeve rather than just a knife. It is easier to have everything in one camp. Use plastic bags for food storage, carries less weight and is cheaper. Put fresh meat meals in the freezer before putting them in refrigerator, as it keeps them coldest.

Always remember to use fireproof equipment. The smart thing is to use two separate coolers for food and beverages, to keep fresh food as much as possible. Prepare sauces ahead of time before your camping trip, good idea to freeze sauces in ice cubes, which makes it easy carry. Maintain a pot of water on the fire when eating, prepare and facilitate cleaning. Do not forget to foil, is great to use for storage of food, when cooked and clean. This is important to remember to cover your food when your kitchen becomes faster as well. Block ice cubes last longer in your fridge.

These are a few pointers that we’ve used on out camping trips and they’ve served us well. We like to go camping a lot especially in southern Utah among their canyons and overlook hikes. And cooking while we’re there adds just one more bit of fun to our outdoor adventure.

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