Effective Ways to Avoid Flight Travel Delays

If you are traveling by air, the most distressful situation you could face is learning that your flight is delayed; and to think that you were asked to be at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight. We had this happen recently when flying for the Colorado river dory, but we still made it. But flights do get delayed, due to circumstances that are both unexpected and unavoidable. Bad weather delays are usually unexpected, mechanical problems can be unavoidable. The thing is you should realize that the flight will not be cancelled unless it is absolutely necessary. Flight delays are not what airports want to happen on a regular basis. Flights are delayed due to valid reasons and not just to satisfy a whim.
One bad reason for flight cancellation is a flight that has been overbooked. This is a kind of situation when you can really be so angry and frustrated.
If you want to avoid experience travel delays, it is best if you can try some of the measure that can minimize the aggravations.
·       As much as possible avoid airlines with regular delayed flights. These are usually small-time airlines that do not have the advanced flight scheduling systems of bigger airlines. Before you book your flight try to read reviews on the airline and see how they are rated by their previous clients.
·       Find an airline that send notifications through emails, phone calls or text messages. That way, they can get in touch with you even before you head off to the airport. Though expecting this is like expecting for miracles to happen; in reality airlines will wait until the last minute before they announce a flight delay.
·       If you can, try to avoid booking for connecting flights. It may not be an easy task though, for one thing connecting flight options are cheaper the direct flights. Another thing is there may not be any direct flight available going to your destination. If connecting flights are unavoidable, try to get longer layovers. An hour and a half of layover is better than a 45 minute one. With 45 minutes, you may have to spend it deplaning, getting through the connecting gates, and going aboard the next flight. Simply put 45 minutes will not even allow you to visit the restroom.
·       Do not book for the last flights. When your flight is canceled and you are on a last flight, then your option is to either head back home (not a good idea), stay at a hotel (another bad idea) or sleep at the airport (definitely not a comfortable idea). As you can see, there are no good options to choose from if you are ever delayed during a late night flight, so book your flights earlier.
Let us say that you have observed all the necessary measures to avoid travel delays and yet you still find yourself at the airport long after you should have been on air, what can you do then? Well, the first thing you can do is to find about the reason for the delay, which should be announced anyway.
Then try to stay cool, no reason to get so angry since you are not the only one delayed. Also try to be patient; you will be able to fly out eventually. Be on guard of your belongings and do not be too friendly with anyone especially if you are a stranger on that land. And the most important thing you should do is to inform the people that are expecting you that you will be delayed.