How To Pack a Carry On For a Month – Part One

We’re going to show you today how to pack in a carry-on for months at a time. 60 days and nothing but a 22 inch carry-on, it weighs 6.5 pounds and at the end of our demonstration we’ll show you how much it’s going to weigh when we pack in … Ji show them, we have 16 garments we’re going to pack in this little carry-on. This was helpful for us when we packed for rafting the Colorado river this year.

So pay attention, it goes fast. Keep in mind that second piece, that second carry-on that you’re allowed on majority of airlines is carrying your make-up, toiletries, rain gear, medications, all the other basics of life are in your carry-on tote. The 22 inch; we like to fit in all the clothes, the underwear, the socks, the nylons and so on are going to go into our hanging organizer.

First we start with our two pairs of shoes, we limit it to two pairs of suitcase, one on our feet and gals you can usually find a little place for your sandals. So if we have two pairs we cover them with our shoe covers, we got two pairs of shoes, for the flats it’s against the side of the foresides of the suitcase. We put in our organizer as I mentioned before.

This is our great tool for hanging the underwear, the socks, the nylons if you have to have a tie guys in here, scarf and so on, all go in this organizer with a clear panels, it’s our roaming dresser on the road. On the back side your dirty clothes go back here so it’s sort of your laundry basket, it rolls up and lies flat in the bottom of the suitcase, we’re adding about 12 to 14 ounces with this organizer, it’s a very worthy investment, we push the air out and so it fits in between the shoes and fills that cavern. If you decide you like our method, remember a couple of key things; we’re going to have our order of things are being pants, shorts, for women the skirts and the dresses next and then our tops.

For guys who keep it simple; pants and tops; so we start with our pairs of pants first, we have to alternate the direction every time you put a garment in. Zipper button is everything to its fullest so it holds its shape and with the pants that are long and narrow we put the legs together and this happens to be a zip off pair of pants so we’re actually kind of packing a pair of shorts and pants in one, put the legs together with the waistband up against one into the suitcase and let that hang out, alternate the next pants going in the opposite direction with a waistband here laying out the two garments.

So far we got our brown and our kaki and it kind of a dark siege color, this is going in the opposite direction and at home when you’re doing this you’ll find that if you got your wardrobe picked out on a doll on your closet then it go just as fast. I happen to have my friend Ji here helping me but it can work for you as well at home just taking this and having the wardrobe set aside and then put them in the suitcase.

We put our pair of jeans next, we don’t really like to have jeans but we’re going to allow one pair because you know you’re going to sneak them in. So we got 4 pairs of jeans laid out like this. We have our skirt and our dresses next, this is a full length skirt that can zipped off and become a short skirt so it’s again multiple outfits for packing with one garment, with the skirts and the dresses’ put the middle skirts in the middle of the dress in the middle of the bag, use the width of the bag now just like with your tops.
So the next skirt that I’m going to have passed to me we’ll lay out just like this skirt did here, the dress for lay out full length and if you’re neat about it, hand comb the wrinkles out then the tops come next, the tops go with the collar up against one side, the sleeves going where the pants legs are going, go back to it alternating the direction of the garment every time you pull one in, collar up against this side.