How To Pack a Carry On For a Month – Part Two

Part Two:

Now coming towards me with the tail of the shirt, sleeves still going where the pants legs are going on the opposite direction. So lay these out, have them buttoned, you don’t have to mess with the little tags like we have from our store and I just keep stacking these up.
Let’s count what were going to have in here; we’re going to have four pairs of pants, one skirt, one dress, that’s four pants or four bottoms and one dress. Tops; we’re going to have nine tops packed and then don’t forget that the TSA has gotten a lot tougher with the security, they want us to go in the airplane with our clothes on we got another short, another bottom, so six bottoms, ten tops. Multiply 10 x 6 you’ll have 60 combinations or if you plan perfectly with the coordinated outfits to where all these garments work together and here’s our nice jacket, let’s show them that Ji, this is our nice warming layer.

If you plan it perfectly where every top goes with every bottom it’s 10 x 6, that’s 60 combinations and never wearing the same combinations twice. So that’s how we come up with 2 months worth of travel clothes in one wardrobe. Now pay attention; this is as complicated as it gets, you take the second garment and fold it up over the top one. We are going to bury this nice jacket that perhaps we might want somewhere along the line, this is a bundling method, it’s the most efficient use of space because the clothes are aligned flat. So you take that second from the top, fold it up over the top one.
Now that top garment can fold up over it and basically keep it simple. I’m inter twining the top two garments that we’ve stacked here. If you want to get around and not having to peel all these off and that is the number one concerned that people do announce to us and we can understand that. If you’re on the move everyday perhaps this bundling method wouldn’t be for you. You don’t have to dig into it.

So what we ask people to do is perhaps to two bundles. Tomorrow I know I’m going to be putting a nice destination for a nice couple of days, I lay out a couple of shirts, a couple of pants, inter-twine them in this bundling method and now I don’t have to dig into the suitcase every time I want something. At the end of this I’ll pick up our bundle and I’ll show you it comes right out of the suitcase, you put it on the bed, you can hang your garments up if you wish because I don’t know who likes to live out of their suitcase, that’s no fun but really, we want to kind of hang them up if possible they’ll stay in better shape but it’s up to you.

The main point is that you’re not having to dig into the suitcase every time you want something. If you plan ahead, put a couple of garments at the top and the bottoms to the top bundles so you won’t have to dig every day. I’m getting down to where I have the full length dress and the skirt, fold those up and I kind of work my way back down in the bag in the same order or the close to the same order as I sacked them in the first place. If you get out of order like I often do, that’s okay.

I folded up the skirt, I folded up the dress and now the pant legs come up and over and we start to form our nice neat bundle. It looks like I might be able to get these clothes but I guarantee you it’s worth many many times, we’ve done this demonstration for years, it’s a bundle method, I kind of like to call it the gussy method, that was my mother’s name, she originated this, you bring the sim straps and over and we don’t even have to jump up on the bag to close it.

There is it, it’s a soft sided bag, it will close easily, remember we started with 6 pounds 5 ounces in this suitcase, we’ve added … let me see, we’ve added 15 garments and a couple of pairs of shoes, we’ll wear a suitcase and we’ll see how much we have at the end. And there we are; 21 pounds. So you filled up your carry-on with a lot of clothes, we have outfits for two months and now you’re ready to pack light and do more, thanks for coming to