POS: Point of Sale Efficiency

There is a simple question to help determine if the marketing strategy of a successful Point Of Sale and is effective: make products get exposed finishes in the customer shopping trolley? Displays should call the attention of the customers about the products shown, to waken interest. You need to surprise the buyers and stimulate their desire to buy in order to increase sales, and this is only achieved submit votes Displays products attractive and professional manner. With over 60 years experience in the market, making these challenges Wanzl motivations. As a leader in innovation, Wanzl anticipates new trends in both the prominent placement of branded high quality and high location of seasonal products and promotions. The Wanzl Displays meet the demands of retail in design, innovation and communication from the point of sale.
POS System (Point of Sale)
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Full-service integrated

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Let’s start by defining what POS is so we called the place where we make a commercial transaction of sale. This designation is also used to define a terminal bank card authorization, a cash register, a collector or cashier, a computer with a program to collect, etc.

We may call at Point of Sale as a set of accessories and software for computer working together, perform operations that can print a ticket and/or bill of sale, issue related to the same reports, as well as keep track of inventory and operations certain commercial.

Businesses and shops where you can use a Point of Sale are varied. Ranging from a small grocery store, passing by large supermarket chains, to stores selling any items such as music CDs, clothes, books, sporting goods, schools, hospitals, etc.

Some businesses are still continue using cash registers, which accounted first mechanically and electronically now, the operations performed in the shop or trade and currency amounts, but with technological advances and now the new tax provisions, users are migrating in a while the use of POS systems based on computer.

There are now a wide variety of POS programs that fulfill these functions, plus accessories for the computer.

Little by little they have become more integrated peripherals to the computer simulating the cash register, such as cash drawer, receipt printer; the display shows the customer the amount to be dialed. In addition, barcode readers make operation faster and error free. There are also mobile computers with integrated bar code, that have made the preparation of inventories can be done more frequently, fully automatically and with almost perfect accuracy, a much smaller fraction of time that represents the reader make inventory on hand,.

The next question we must ask is:

How to choose a Point of Sale System?

We will describe one by one the components that currently make up a typical POS and the various applications that can use this useful tool.
- Computer
- Point of Sale Program
- Cash drawer
- Display
- Receipt printer
- Printer reports
- Bar Code Reader
- Capture Portable Terminal
- Scale
- Bar Code Reader with scales


The computer is the main component on which we base our Point of Sale System.

At present they are already very fast and a very large storage capacity. In addition, depending on the size of the store or negotiation, we can use several networked computers so that the user databases can be shared. There are applications where and share databases on different computers within the same store, it requires that computers are linked to a master computer that often is not in the same location and perhaps not in the same city or country, so that any system of liaison and communication as private, public, or the Internet will also be required, at any time to share the results of business transactions and inventory levels.

This computer is from a common PC, to more sophisticated equipment such as PC’s with multiple communication ports: RS232, USB, Ethernet, etc. for easy connection to peripherals and external networks.

There are also computers specially designed for Point of Sale, featuring various RS232, USB ports as well as parallel port printing.

There are also so-called All-In-One (All-In-One) are complete computers with Touch Screen display and multiple ports, all in one enclosure, making it ideal for environments of restaurants, fast food and attention to customers where space is limited and the use of a normal keyboard is problematic.

Point of Sale Program

There is a significant variety of programs Point of Sale. Some cover only the need to record a sale, issue a ticket or proof of operation and the explosion of data generated from this operation, such as sales totals with different peridiocidades, inventory levels and movements. Still others are part of a suite of applications ranging from accounting and trading all reports, checkbooks and bank control, employee payroll, the system of administrative control of the company in general, and even financial analysis.

If we ask what is the best program POS many answers may emerge, but we can say that the best option is the program that best conform to the needs of the business, depending on the industry and the size.

There POS software for different applications: grocery stores, sports, libraries, etc. to more specialized programs such as shoe stores and clothing stores, where the same product has different characteristics such as size, model, color, etc. or restaurants, where also called “formulas” or “packages” where a certain dish is formed of several ingredients and the time of a sale, the inventory will be updated each ingredient handled. Businesses of this type also take control of tables, each table serving waiters, diners at each table, groups, consumption accounts for each table, separate accounts, etc.

The variety of applications is great, but for each and there is a point of sale program. In certain applications no peripheral is used, as may be a tilted in the case of a library, or a barcode reader, in the case of a restaurant.

Cash Drawer

The Point of Sale system simulates the cash register. Thus was the drawer or drawer of money are incorporated. This drawer can be metal or plastic and has compartments to accommodate banknotes and coins of the daily operation. This drawer is opened at the time of collection. It is usually connected to the receipt printer or a serial port or computer printing. The most popular is to connect to the printer, and when it starts to print the ticket purchase, emits an electrical pulse through a cable connected to the drawer which activates an electromagnet and the drawer opens.


Cash registers were originally mechanical and numbers of operations were shown by small engraved plates with the respective number and then when they were electronic, a display of digital numbers, so that the client could observe what was the amount I incorporate to pay.

Now there are displays that connect to a serial port or print or even a ticket printer to show the partial and total quantities of the operation.

Receipt printer

In small cash register receipt or proof of purchase prints. Now, roll paper printers are used, these can be thermal or dot matrix. This ticket can now even be tax receipt; as long as you print the program is authorized by the Ministry of Finance for broadcast. These printers can also print the logo of the company, including in several colors.

Printer reports

A very important part of the Point of Sale system is reports. Through them we can learn perfectly the state that keeps our business. For example: Sales volume by product, promotion, seasonal, per seller, etc. We can get the current inventory after the sale of the day and plan the best products based on strategies, more or less sold etc. Normal printer ink or dot matrixes are used.

Barcode Reader

The Barcode reader is a great help in daily operation. On each purchase, we will introduce the product code. This code is generally numbers and for each product have to type at least 12 digits. If we do manually, is sure to take a long time to do plus they can have errors that will give us as a result, loss of time and will be reflected in the speed with which we address to the client.

Using the barcode reader is going to save a lot of time, plus there will be errors. The feature of the barcode that is read or not read properly or anything.

The bar code readers have a very important point of sale system, to streamline the collection also facility to register items in our system at the time of incorporating the inventory boost.

There are several types of barcode readers depending on reading technology and the application being used.

They can be:

- Manual, semi-fixed and fixed.

- CCD, Laser and Imager

- From a line and omnidirectional

Capture Portable Terminal

To lift inventory in a shop or store, you can make physical mode, counting one by one and scoring products that count on paper, that is, entirely by hand.

There are portable terminals with reader integrated barcode that facilitate and greatly streamline this task. Something that can take more than two days, using the handheld terminal can do it in a few hours.

This device will generate a file that we can “up” the computer, so compare that “physical” inventory with the inventory according to our movements of the period. Thus, we can easily make instant comparisons and decisions to optimize our next purchase of products for our shop. Furthermore, we can also capture the physical location of our products, so that it is easier to find them next time.

Scales or Balance

The POS also have the need to weigh products sold in bulk, so we can use a tilted connected to our system, so we can weigh the product to sell and perform the necessary operation to calculate the total cost. These scales are connected to our computer via RS232 or USB port.

Barcode reader with scales

Very peripheral equipment long used in supermarkets has been the barcode reader with integrated scale, so that the machine can “read” the barcode of the product or weigh the product in bulk, all in the same space the counter. This reader is connected to the PC via RS232 or USB port. These readers are omnidirectional so that the operator or cashier does not have to orient the bar code to be read.

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