Tips For Building A Safe Campfire on an ATV Trip

Did you know?

Almost 200,000 acres of forest are burned every year, that’s the same size of 375,000 football fields! Millions of dollar have been spent for extinguishing forest fires. Many of these wildfires were caused by campfires. When you go on an ATV tour, or if you’re just taking an ATV out for a nice camp out then make certain you’re building fires the right way so you don’t burn the forest down. We just got back from a Zion ATV tour If you are planning to go for a camping trip and you would use a campfire for your lighting or cooking, then follow these guidelines to keep you safe and to avoid forest fires:

Camp FirePhoto Credit:Heath Alseike

1. Choose a safe site


Choose a site which is not too open and windy. Also, having a source of water such as rivers and lakes nearby will be excellent. Make your campfire above a rock or on a bare soil. Leave an open space, at least three meters, and make sure that it is free from twigs, stumps, branches, and leaves. Leave an open space, at least 15 meters, and keep it free from houses, trees, or tents.

2. Prepare your site


Make sure that your there is a clean and open space around the place where you will make your fire. Remove all leaves, pine needles, twigs, and grasses. Observe your surroundings. Make sure that you have a bucket of water and a shovel to control the fire. Or you may be traveling to the sheriffs office.


3. In maintaining your campfire


Whether your hiking or on an ATV out playing around make certain you maintain your fire and always have eyes on it. These kind of traveling tips are easy to say but harder to keep up on. And keep your fire small. It must not reach 1 meter in height and in width. A small campfire is safer since you can control and extinguish it easily. Having a small fire will also allow you to be closer to the fire without feeling too much heat from the fire. Also, you can cook your food easier if you are closer to the fire.