Tips of Flying with a Sick Child

Traveling with a child can be challenging enough, flying with a sick one is certainly twice the challenge. If there is no other option that to fly with a sick child there are things that you should do prior to the day of the flight. These are things we learned before flying with a sick child on our Yellowstone Park tours trip.

Yellowstone Sunset
Photo Credits: stevetulk

Here are some helpful and sensible tips you should do:

  • Take the child to the pediatrician and discuss the upcoming flight schedule. The doctor may give the go signal to travel but may also prescribe a few medications. You should buy what’s necessary and always heed the doctor’s advice.
  • Do not give your child aspirin without prescription from a doctor. If you are used to self-medication, do not do the same thing with your child. Guessing the right medication and the right dosage is not the most sensible thing to do. If you want the child to get well soon, then go to the medical professional.
  • Put all the medications and first aid kit on your hand-carry bag along with other remedy and treatment essentials for other possible ailments such as; motion sickness, food allergies, gas pain, constipation, teething and allergic reactions. Nasal sprays can be handy too as well as lots of tissues.
  • Make sure that you have all the things your child will need are easily accessible. Though the airport of the airline may have some medications and comfort items for a sick child, you should not rely on that. It is still better if you have your own supplies.
  • Have a blanket ready to keep him/her warm during the flight. The child’s favorite blanket and pillow can also provide additional comfort.
  • Bring the kid’s favorite toy too; sometimes, having something familiar eases discomfort and pains. If the child is old enough to read, then a favorite book is another option. It may not be advisable to let a sick child read while flying though.
  • Dehydration worsens the condition; therefore keep the child highly hydrated before and during the flight.
  • Be vigilant in taking the child’s temperature even during the flight, inform a flight attendant if the temperature goes over than manageable.
  • As much as possible, try to stay away from the rest of the passengers. Ask the airline people if they can seat you at the farthest seats.

Having a sick child on a plane is a very stressful situation to be in. It will take a lot of patience and energy. You also cannot expect the rest of the passengers to be totally understanding of the situation.  The airplane is a close space and the air only moves around. This means that the virus your sick child is carrying will be in the same air that everyone else is going to breathe.

You may hear complaints regarding your sick child, and this is the time when your patience could be challenged. So, a good tip is to cancel the trip if your child is sick. If cancellation is not possible, then take all the necessary measures to ensure that the child will be very comfortable during the entire journey.