Transit Tips – Getting to the Airport

So how do you get to the airport? For many of us it’s not fun, it’s not fast and it’s certainly not cheap. But I’ve got some ideas that will save you money and save you time, let me show you what I mean.
In Milwaukee you can now take Amtrak, that’s right, Amtrak right from down directly to Billy Mitchell Field, during tough rush hour times that makes all the difference. In Chicago you simply hop on the EL, the elevated CTA trains that go from the Loop directly to O’Hare, it’s clean, safe and fast and oh yes, it’s only $1.75, a whole lot better than $40 taxi stuck in traffic.
In New York there’s now finally the Air Train, it goes from, New Jersey and New York to JFK and it really works because it interfaces with the long hour railroad as well as the New York City subway and bus system and if you need to get onto the airport faster, US helicopters just started a new service between Manhattan and the American Airlines terminal at JFK.
The coolest thing about this service is that you check-in your bags and go through a security at the helicopter terminal in Manhattan and the chopper actually lands right at the departure gates, how cool is that? The price; about $160 or a little more than 3 times the taxi ride but about 6 times as fast with no lines of security.
And then of course there’s getting out of the airport, from my money you don’t go to arrivals, that where the police and the attack dogs are. I had upstairs to departures, there’s nobody here, my car picks me up and I am out of town.