Camping and Traveling

So often we think of traveling as only done from the side of a hotel room, but not from within the fresh mountain air of a tent. Recently we utilized one of their Utah vacation packages¬†where they taught us about the area and peaked our interest in doing some camping there later. So if you’re one of those who are going to go traveling and camping this year then keep reading as I’ve got some tips for taking car of your tent:

For a newly bought tent, try to assemble and disassemble it before the actual camping to familiarize yourself with it. Normally your tent will have a manual so make sure to follow it correctly.

Make sure that all the parts and accessories of the tent are complete. It is also advisable that you bring an extra part or accessory in case that something will get lost during camping.

Tent and traveling with a utah vacation packagePhoto Credit: Thomas Edwards

Setting-up a Tent

Before deciding to camp out in an area, it is best that you inspect the surroundings first. Make sure that the floor where you will set-up your tent is dry and that there are sharp objects such as twigs or rocks. Also, see to it that the land is not too elevated so you will be comfortable when you sleep.
If you will have a campfire, the direction of the smoke must not be in contact with your tent. Tents sometimes get holes because of flying sparks.
Make sure that you have properly hammered the pegs of the tent to ensure that it will not be blown off by a strong wind.

Maintenance of the Tent

Remove any dirt or leaves from the inside and outside of your tent. You may also use water in cleaning your tent. Just make sure that you don’t wet any non-waterproof part of the tent.

Holes or tears should be repaired by a professional. Don’t try to repair it on your own if you have no experience in doing it; you might even aggravate the damage of your tent.

Keep your tent dry and make sure that it has enough ventilation to give you a comfortable sleep.

So if you are daring enough to do some traveling that would include doing some camping then be prepared. And if you aren’t quite that daring then check out some Utah vacation packages to aid you on your way.