TSA Airport Security Tips

My tips to quickly and safely navigate the TSA security.

Unfortunately and I think that we have learned this to the many of signs that are posted around an airport people don’t read the signs.
Sometimes you forget that laptops in your bags and sometimes you forget that bottle of shampoos in your bag. They get that, but the fact is frequent travelers are the ones they really depend on to help them make their jobs easier because you’re the ones that should know better.
So you don’t forget, hear all my tips; here’s the way I like to go through security and I try to do it as fast as possible. First of all; red bag, the red bag is easy to find no matter where it is. Nobody has a red bag. Liquid stuff, remember the 3 ounce rule … actually it’s a little bit more, 3.4 ounces.
I usually carry my wallet, I’ve never been stopped without a wallet.
Make sure when you’re sliding it through that you sort of watch it through, sometimes they’ll push these things all the way back or your bag will fall off, you do not want that to happen. Boarding pass in the phone is the way to go if you have Smartphone. Don’t hold at the line the next time you fly.