Vacation Ideas with Kids

Children in summer are most active, as they have all day to run, play, watch TV and have fun! When we organize a trip to go as a family, we must take into account the preferences of the smallest. There is nothing more dangerous than a bored child! So we must think of destinations and activities that are fun for them. All children want to go to Disneyland and see their favorite characters. But as we know that times are tough we propose a number of destinations economic that will love! So here are some vacation ideas for kids that will help you entertain them all summer long.

Viareggio beautiful beachPhoto Credit: Saman Ashkpour

- Visit to the Museum of Chocolates Valor in Villajoyosa, Alicante. Chocolate! To them crazy kids and seniors too. Learn how this delicious food is made ​​foolproof to convince the kids of whatever.

- Theme parks such as Port Aventura take every summer deals for families to enjoy the holiday. Your favorite characters, attractions and a world of color Pharan enjoy our emotions dwarf can not easily forget, and with the excuse, as large had also recognize that big. Terra Mitica also usually have discounts for the summer, one memorable trip for the whole family!

- Relax with the family, a good option is to take them to Spas , and can swim all they want and play in the water while parents relax. in the above link have a list of existing spas network throughout Spain. If you have planned a visit to the town, or a trip to another province why not ask yourself a relaxing day XXL?

- And I could not miss the beach! . To all the kids like the sea , play in the sand, making new friends … is usually one of the kids favorite places to go on vacation. Find a map of Spain with all provinces coast. Video, pictures, ratings and reviews so you can choose the beach that best suits your travel. Rustic?, Family virgin? Here they are all.

And the advantage is that you can go for the day, rent a house or spend a few days in a hotel. There you can enjoy the cuisine of the beach areas as eating fried fish , calamari, fried , prawns … and more! See that very interesting article where we give an overview of the most famous dishes (not all clear ) of our country, without getting up from the chair! Children also can conquer them by the palate. These are just a few ideas we came up with on our recent vacation to St George Utah, where we were able to see and visit Zion National Park. Truly traveling is wonderful for everyone involved.